Latest Episodes

How to Locker Room DJ

On Episode 29, the guys talked about some of their pregame music tastes. They discussed what it takes to be a good beer league hockey locker room DJ by reading the room, knowing your audience, and keeping a fun, party atmosphere. The guys also talked a bit about how some hockey players are gifted athletes that are good at everything. Finally, the Beers in The Lot Patreon page ( has been officially launched. Patrons can support the podcast, grab some Beers in The Lot merchandise, and listen live as the guys record the podcast each week.

Jailbreaks Are Better Than Power Plays

On Episode 28 of Beers in The Lot, the guys talked about getting rid of power plays in favor of “jailbreak” penalty shots and other ideas to make hockey more exciting; how some NHL and AHL affiliations are strained relationships; and finding your role as a player at any level from the pros to beer league.

It’s ODR Season!

On Episode 27, the guys talked about a bunch of outdoor hockey. They talked about the upcoming NHL outdoor games in Lake Tahoe between the Vegas Golden Knights and Colorado Avalanche, and the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers; their plans to go live in the “Watching Hockey” channel on the Beers in The Lot Discord server for the Vegas and Colorado outdoor game; and they discussed the extremes of the world’s longest hockey game.

Tryin’ Brian

On Episode 26 of Beers in The Lot, the guys discussed some of the listener feedback they received this week. They talked about chirping cages and full face shields in beer league hockey; how nothing good ever happens in the lot after midnight; and beer league try-hards. What’s up Tryin’ Brian?

Hockey Is For Everyone Featuring Amber Moore

On Episode 25, the guys are joined by former NWHL defensewoman, Amber Moore. Amber detailed her hockey background and her path to playing for the Metropolitan Riveters. Amber also discussed how her experiences along her hockey journey and career as an education equity advocate, led to her current efforts to show that hockey is for everyone.

The Beer League Infirmary

On Episode 24 of Beers in The Lot, the guys reminisced on some of the beer league hockey injuries they have suffered over the years; checked in with the NWHL bubble and how their favorite teams are playing; and provided a quick update on the Beers in The Lot fantasy hockey league.