Month: March 2021

Using Vintage Goalie Gear in Beer League featuring CooperGoalie

Episode 33 of Beers in The Lot features Charles Partridge aka CooperGoalie from YouTube. He talked with the guys about his extensive collection of vintage goalie gear and how he uses it in beer league hockey. Charles doesn’t use gear produced after the 1990s and can brag that he plays up an age level in the old timers league. This is an episode for the gear and hockey history nerds.

Pull-Ups Are Overrated

On Beers in The Lot Episode 32, the guys talked about the hockey playoff season getting started with the NWHL completing the Isobel Cup and the upcoming NCAA Frozen Four tournament; whether or not an NHL prospect should be able to do a single pull-up; which NHL franchises need to perform well to make the league stronger; and a couple firsthand accounts of NHL arena experiences.

Kirill The Thrill

On Episode 31 of Beers in The Lot, the guys gushed over the Minnesota Wild’s Kirill Kaprizov; talked about winning and losing cultures on NHL teams like the Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Washington Captials; and declared, the best post beer league game food is tacos.

Cheeks Klapanen and Bozo

On Episode 30 of Beers in The Lot, the guys discussed the NWHL restarting to complete the Isobel Cup semifinals and final at the end of March; the new NHL TV deal with ESPN; and hilarious hockey nicknames like “Cheeks Klapanen” and “Bozo”.

How to Locker Room DJ

On Episode 29, the guys talked about some of their pregame music tastes. They discussed what it takes to be a good beer league hockey locker room DJ by reading the room, knowing your audience, and keeping a fun, party atmosphere. The guys also talked a bit about how some hockey players are gifted athletes that are good at everything. Finally, the Beers in The Lot Patreon page ( has been officially launched. Patrons can support the podcast, grab some Beers in The Lot merchandise, and listen live as the guys record the podcast each week.