It Starts with Beers Opening and Ends with Laughs

Beers in The Lot is a hockey podcast that recreates beer league hockey post game conversations. It was started by four Frederick-area beer league hockey players and friends who share hockey opinions, stories, and laughs over beers in ice rink parking lots after their games. New episodes of Beers in The Lot are released each Wednesday.

Our Listeners, Our Hockey Community

Beers in The Lot is intended for everyone in the hockey community. Our listeners include players at all levels, coaches, officials, equipment managers, hockey parents, and casual fans. While primarily intended for a North American audience, Beers in The Lot is listened to in 26 countries. While we want the entire hockey community to listen, the hosts are very passionate about the game so, Beers in The Lot is marked explicit. As Gordie Howe famously said, “All hockey players are bilingual; they speak English and profanity.” Listener discretion is advised.

Who is ‘Beers in The Lot’?

When COVID-19 closed rinks and ended beer league seasons, Aaron, Danny, Rigs, and Jonny took their post game beer traditions online, meeting virtually. After Rigs and Jonny were guests on another podcast, they told Aaron and Danny they all needed to start a podcast because it was so much fun.

  • Aaron Michaels aka “A A Ron”, “Air”
  • Danny Liverette aka “Danny Who?”, “Who?”
  • Eric Rigsby aka “Rigs”, “Riggo”
  • Jonny Walker aka “J-Wa”

Aaron, Danny, Rigs, and Jonny started Beers in The Lot because they thought others might enjoy and want to join in on their banter and conversations about hockey, beer, pop culture, and other topics.

Past, Present, and Future

Beers in The Lot released its first episode, August 19, 2020. With a weekly production schedule, Beers in The Lot targets midday on Wednesdays to release new episodes. Episodes are primarily recorded virtually using Discord. Special in-person episodes are recorded at hockey events the Beers in The Lot hosts attend, special guests’ venues, or the hosts’ homes. Beers in The Lot recently started live streaming special events and has plans to expand that channel.

Our Teammates

Beers in The Lot is partnered with The Hockey Podcast Network and a member of Listen Frederick and Listen Hagerstown.

Download & Subscribe

Beers in The Lot can be found on most major podcast distribution sites like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. The easiest way to listen and subscribe to Beers in The Lot is at https://beersinthelot.com/listen

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