Month: June 2021

This Weekend is the Fourth of July and We Will Be Open For Business

On episode 46 of Beers in The Lot, the guys departed from the normal hockey talk and got ready for Independence Day weekend by watching and chatting about Jaws. They revisited the theory that Quint murdered Ben Gardner and discussed some of their interpretations of different scenes. In a couple of the slower moments of the movie, the guys also talked about how the Tampa Bay Lightning dominated the Montreal Canadiens physically and offensively in game one of the Stanley Cup Final; and discussed some old time hockey arena experiences.

Can a Team Lose a Game but Still Outplay Their Opponent?

On Episode 45 of Beers in The Lot, the guys discussed some of the current Stanley Cup Playoffs semifinals picture, focusing on the Montreal Canadiens; talked a bit about where Carey Price stands in comparison to some of the other Habs goaltender legends; and got into a debate on whether or not a team can lose a game but still be considered to have played better than their opponent.

Boring Hockey

On Episode 44 of Beers in The Lot, the guys talked about Barry Trotz’s New York Islanders embracing “boring hockey” to make a deep Stanley Cup run; and American hockey superstar, Cole Caufield contributing to the Montreal Canadiens overcoming their underdog status in the playoffs.

Keeper of The Cup Featuring Phil Pritchard

The ‘Keeper of The Cup’, Phil Pritchard joined the guys on Episode 43 of Beers in The Lot. Phil told stories about NHL players sharing the Stanley Cup with the communities and people that impacted them; talked about preserving hockey history at the Hockey Hall of Fame; and shared some examples of how hockey history is made everyday and how important that is to the growth of the game.

The Leafs Falling in the Spring

On Episode 42 of Beers in The Lot, the guys had to talk about the latest Toronto Maple Leafs round one collapse in the Stanley Cup Playoffs to the Montreal Canadiens; were excited their local beer leagues are starting up after more than a year off; and discussed a new hockey fan’s interesting method to picking their favorite NHL team.