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The Beers in The Lot Podcast episodes

If You Had to Fight an NHLer, Past or Present, Who Would You Pick?

On Episode 107 of Beers in The Lot, the guys discussed two questions that came up since the last episode-You have to pick any NHL player past or present to fight-who is it? You have to fight and know you are going to lose-do you want to get one-punched or fed? They talked about the Zamboni or “ice resurfacer” breaking down as one of the worst things that can happen at the rink. The crew also shared their excitement for the new Old Fat Bald Guys Hockey League jerseys based on old school NHL designs.

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From the NHL to the C League in CBus

On Episode 106, the Beers in The Lot crew were given a hot tip about retired NHLer Dave Steckel’s Wikipedia page featuring his recent play in a Columbus area beer league. Jonny gave his thoughts on the World Juniors tournament. The guys also discussed how to find the best eats while on hockey road trips. More specifically, how to find the best wings.

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Let’s Go Shake Their Hands

On Episode 105 of Beers in The Lot, the guys talked about how it’s World Junior hockey time but also not World Junior hockey time. They also discussed a question that popped up in Discord from one of their most loyal listeners-“if you could’ve had one piece of info or advice when you started your hockey journey, what would it be?”

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A Fitting Episode For Two Years, Anyway You Slice It

On the 104th consecutive, weekly episode of Beers in The Lot, the guys wrapped up their thoughts and some stories from the Old Fat Bald Guys summer ice hockey tournament. Then the crew discussed the heinous act depicted in a viral hockey video. Beers in The Lot also made a big announcement as they close out the second year of the podcast.

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Beers in The Lot LIVE in The Lot

On Episode 103, the Beers in The Lot crew recorded LIVE in The Lot during the Old Fat Bald Guys Ice Hockey Tournament to benefit Platoon 22. They talked about how the tournament was going after the first few games. The guys also welcomed in some drop-in guests.

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